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Astrological Wellness Interpretation

The architecture of a newly constructed home in Hopkinton speaks to the simplicity of  the surrounding nature. The interiors speak to this simplicity through natural materials, finishes and furniture throughout. Clean lines, white with soft wood tones create a feeling of peaceful expansion. Textural contrast of materiality and lighting layers, creates a richness of living.

Architecture by Felipe Bellalta and Construction by Stahl Construction.


We listen and learn from you. What do you want your space to do for you? How should it make you feel? What are your priorities? 


We pull it all together into a creative concept, starting with a space plan followed by  a full suite of furnishings, materials and finishes.


We listen to your feedback and refine the creative concept so that the end result is just right for your needs.

We can create documentation, procure furniture, and monitor on-site progress to ensure design intent is followed.


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