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Introducing Design Concierge

Your business doesn't sit still, and neither should your spaces. With our affordable Design Concierge program, you have a personal designer ready to step in whenever and for whatever space needs arise - from sweeping changes like implementing growth plans,  right down to the smallest request, like a single piece of ergonomic furniture for a new executive hire. With Design Concierge, you have ongoing access to boutique design services without the lofty price tag of a big firm. Our team knows you, your space, and your plans, and can maintain continuity of design as your business thrives. Whether your need is to grow, find efficiency, adapt, pivot or simply freshen up, we remain a partner by your side.

Our Services



Hourly consulting based on your unique needs. We understand that not all design needs are big projects. Our consulting is an affordable way to support you through the occasional or everyday. Whether it’s a furniture order for a new hire, adapting the function of a single room, converting unused space to attract subleases, or even coordinating plant services - you can lean on our expertise and knowledge of your space on an as-needed basis.


Art & Accessories are an impactful way to personalize your space while keeping it vibrant and fresh. Everything from two-dimensional artwork to sculptures, plants, pottery and more. This may also include accessories that support team chemistry & morale, like rotating activity areas, wellness spaces or recognition displays. PROCESS Selection Working directly with Artists, art dealers & galleries, stores, etc. to find the pieces that match your personality. This may involve creating a custom piece(s) based on your needs or the vision Procurement Purchasing, safe storage and inspection of all items prior to installation Installation Installing all items. We are typically present during all installations to ensure items are installed as intended


The functionality and productivity of your space relies heavily on the right furniture in the right configurations. As your business grows and your needs evolve, we support by reconfiguring the furniture you have toward better outcomes, and/or by adding new pieces to support growth or increase utilization, collaboration and productivity. PROCESS: Furniture Layouts Floor plans to understand how furniture can be used to create design solutions Selection We will select furniture based on your needs. We act as an independent furniture dealer and have the ability to work with a variety of other dealers and manufacturers to create a more tailored solution – unlike traditional dealers, with whom you are limited to choosing from their portfolio of manufacturers. Custom furniture design & fabrication You might have a design challenge that requires a custom piece. We have experience working with custom furniture fabricators to design and fabricate these pieces. Procurement Purchasing, safe storage and inspection of all items prior to installation. Installation Furniture installation. We are typically present during all installations to ensure items are installed as intended


A periodic Refresh can be a simple and impactful way of transforming your space, giving it a like-new feel while allowing you to make aesthetic modifications that support your evolving company needs. A Refresh can infuse new energy without needing full construction drawings, permitting and a formal construction process. PROCESS: Assessment We will determine what design elements will make the most impact and solve your design challenges. This phase also includes determining your budget and a project schedule. Design Creating a design using these elements to solve your design challenges Design Drawings We can provide design drawings as-needed for a general contractor to build from Procurement & Installation If furniture is being selected, we will provide purchasing, storage and installation services Construction Oversight We will work with the general contractor to ensure the design is being built as intended, and solve any issues that come up during the construction process


With a combined experience of 20 years in the commercial and residential design fields, we have extensive experience designing and delivering fully-renovated spaces. In the event a Full Renovation is determined we will generate a proposal of services for your unique project. The concierge program can be purchased/implemented once your project is complete, and will support all desired on-going services. Refer back to the “commercial” tab for more information on general design services

Additional Services

  • Creative Direction 

  • Space Planning

  • Test-Fits & Phased Growth Plans

  • Material & Finish Sourcing & Specification 

  • Construction Drawings 

  • Project Management 

  • Construction Administration 

  • Interior Architecture

  • Wellness Analysis 

  • Signage & Graphics

Our Packages



5 hours of on-call design services 

Recommended for:

  • Small business

  • Occasional needs

  • Seasonal decor freshening 




12 hours of on-call design services 

Recommended for:

  • Moderate-growth

  • Single location

  • Decor freshening

  • Ergonomic support

  • Seasonal updates




22 hours of on-call design services 

Recommended for:

  • High-growth 

  • Multiple locations 

  • Design-forward businesses

  • Employee wellness solutions 


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