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We’re interior architects. We believe that the best kind of design doesn’t stop at being beautiful - it has to nourish and support the well being of all who live, work, or play within. Our goal with every project we take on is to create space that clients love because it feels like an authentic representation of themselves - whether that’s a global brand or something much more intimate and personal. 


In a way, we’re translators. We have clients who come to us wanting their space to serve a very specific purpose,  and others who just know they want their space to make them feel a certain way. It’s our job to listen, to understand, and to translate those ideas and desires into something that beautiful, functional, and deeply fulfilling.

There’s a saying in Newfoundland, where I grew up, that if something is really special it’s the “best kind”.  Back in my hometown there’s a place that I go when I need to recharge my batteries. It’s a ledge of slate rocks overlooking a stunning natural harbor. In the right season, you might catch a whale or an iceberg floating by. It’s serene and restorative and for me, very spiritual. There’s a powerful energy there that I don’t really know how to describe but I grew up understanding that some places are special. It made me want to create special places, and help others find similar feelings of nourishment and balance wherever they dwell. 

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