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We are a boutique furniture dealer offering turn-key services

We go beyond other design firms in offering turn-key furniture dealer services, making us a one-stop shop from initial space plans to installation, and beyond. This unique capability allows us access to a wider range of boutique furniture options, and allows us to ensure quality control through the entire process. It doesn’t end with install, either. We can help you adapt to changing needs, recalibrate for growth and coordinate pieces in and out of storage if needed. If we can’t find the perfect piece for your needs, we’ll design one ourselves!

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Furniture Layouts & Test Fits

Floor plans to understand how furniture can be used to create design solutions. We are designers first and foremost, which means each plan reflects our expertise, cohesively and thoughfully integrated with the overall design of your space.


We will select furniture, art and/or accessories based on your space's needs and aesthetic. We have the ability to work with a variety of manufacturers and other dealers (including boutique, specialty and bespoke) to create a more tailored solution – unlike traditional dealers, with whom you are limited to choosing from their portfolio of manufacturers.

Custom Furniture

You might have a design challenge that requires a custom piece. We offer furniture design services and have a roster of talented fabricators to create truly unique and special pieces that are tailored exactly to your needs. Learn more

Art & Accessories

Art & Accessories can be an impactful way tie together the overall design of the space and add personalization. Whether it's two-dimensional artwork, sculpture, plants, pottery or even interactive installation, we work directly with artists, art dealers, galleries, stores, etc. to find the pieces that fit you. This may involve creating a custom piece(s) based on your needs/vision.


Our procurement services save you time and hassle around the logistics that many don't consider when buying furniture. We handle purchasing, management of manufacturer relationships, delivery coordination, safe storage, and inspection of items prior to installation, where applicable. Our process saves time and avoids many common issues before pieces arrive in your space, helping to ensure a smooth and swift installation.


Furniture and Art & Accessory installation. We are typically present during installations to inspect pieces, oversee work, ensure quality control, and confirm items are installed as intended right down to the details.

A collection of our work

Back Bay Brownstone - Collab with Interior Decorator Jae Joo
Back Bay Brownstone - Collab with Interior Decorator Jae Joo

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