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At Algorand, we set out to create a space that would surprise and delight from the moment guests walk in. Stepping off the elevator into a dark hallway, this lobby is lit primarily by the glow of a single neon sign, a bright red arrow pointing to a flickering vintage television set. On screen, guests are told to pick up an antique phone, located under spotlight. With this call, entry is approved and an entire wall of electrostatic glazing switches polarity, flooding the dark hallway with natural light and revealing a bright, open, and contemporary space. This is a transition from darkness to light, from the old ways to the new.

Algorand’s position in the cryptocurrency space emphasizes transparency, trust, and speed. It was important that their space represent who they are, and so our goal was to design an atmosphere that supported these key attributes. Transparency is communicated the moment guests arrive, as the wall quite literally turns transparent. Openness is conveyed with lots of low rise furnishings and abundant natural light. Trust is implied through the structural confidence of prominent exposed concrete and friendly, approachable colors like muted purples, greens and blues. Speed is suggested through expansive transition areas, zig-zapping light fixtures, and a bold high resolution video wall for the purposes of presentation and live broadcast. Because Algorand's business is rooted in finance, sleek contemporary pieces with soft, textural fabrics bring an element of approachable luxury.


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