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Johnny & Katie both have very bold and distinct aesthetic preferences. We set out to create a space that felt like home to both of them, while also bringing these styles together into something that is uniquely theirs. We blended these styles together into a delicate balance that feels complimentary, supportive, and familiar to each. Johnny likes a classic mid-century modern style with bold pop art (such as the work of Herbert Leupin), while Katie likes clean and cozy Scandinavian design, along with a more abstract art style.

Beyond aesthetics, the space supports each of their identities and rituals of self care. Both Katie and Johnny have a strong sense of self and how they need a space to function to support who they are as individuals, as well as a couple. This includes different zones of clear intention, such as a relax/rejuvenate zone, a productivity zone, and an entertainment zone. Each zone features a furniture layout thoughtfully supporting its purpose, and draws upon different aspects of their combined aesthetics to best suit its function. We created boundaries between zones through the use of a curated art wall, again merging their styles into a cohesive collection.


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