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Hi, I'm Sonya.

I offer well-being consultations that infuse my unique background and disposition. I have a degree in teaching and early childhood development, along with a Masters in interior architecture. I am a trained Reiki practitioner, meditative practices (TM), and intuitive. I studied western and evolutionary astrology and explored many areas of holistic heath; metaphysics, cognitive therapies, hypnotherapy, cranial sacral therapy, breathe work, acupuncture, different forms of massage therapy, the digestive system (its impact on mental and emotional health) and the nervous system (impact on mental and emotional health) and physical movement (impact on mental and emotional health) 


On a personal note, I have been on a healing journey since my early teens where my darkness pushed me toward finding solutions. I suffered from anxiety and depression from an early age and did not have any guidance from adults on where to go and how to heal. In desperation and being fueled with a desire for healing, I started to explore meditation, lucid dreaming, and the words of Eckhart Tolle and Gary Zukav. All of my training and studies have been fueled by a desire to live my best life. For me, that is embodying and expressing my core essence. Living a life of purpose and connecting, sharing the higher frequency energies of love, gratitude, laughter and joy with as many people as I can. The truth is your “stuff” (and everybody has it) is a program your body is running on powered by the subconscious and nervous system. Its job is to keep you safe. Unfortunately, our “stuff” is a mis-wiring and what our bodies think is safe for us is often the complete opposite of what we truly are, which is love, creativity, compassion and kindness. We push away that person we love, or don’t go after that job we really want, held back by fear. Our programs keep us stuck in these patterns. Your body is just doing its job based on the program it was given, often informed by childhood experience. Through healing the body (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually if the resonates with you) we process and release our stuff and get closer to who we truly are. 


I am a very practical person who takes wisdom from both the western and eastern approaches to health and well-being. I recognize we are all unique and what works for one person doesn’t always work for another. Our initial consultation will consist of me gathering your life story, your astrological information, as well as your deepest desires and hopes for your life. I hold a safe space with the desire to help only, however needed. From there we put together a plan moving forward based on your unique needs and disposition. 

Exploring Our Complex Relationship With The 

Spaces We Dwell In

Coming 2023, Best Kind's Sonya Randell hosts a new podcast that explores how the physical world and spaces impact our physical bodies (mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually). The podcast will dive into environmental psychology, metaphysics and ancient spiritual practices to gain a more comprehensive understanding on the many ways the physical world affects us. These intimate conversations with a variety of scientists and experts will explore new ways to integrate this knowledge into design practice, better supporting peace and wellness in our lived spaces.


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